• Parking / Handicap

  • Speeding / Lane Violations

  • Toll Payments Violations

  • Drives Municipal Revenue and Behavioral Modification

  • Evidence Collection and Privacy Compliant


  • Traffic Congestion

  • Municipal Fleet Management

  • Electric and Autonomous Cars Infrastructure

  • Pedestrian and Bike Lane

  • Smart Parking


Parking &Traffic Management

Parking &Traffic Management

Keeper Parking &Traffic Management

A software package designed to simplify and optimize parking & traffic enforcement management.

The system acknowledges the rules and regulations to ensure that consistency, reliability, and validity of data are meticulously maintained throughout the system and its processes.


Back Office Main Modules & Service’s


Life Cycle


keeper Designed to simplify and optimize traffic enforcement management

Department of Transportation

Department of Transportation

  • Transfer the license plate numbers received from the Central Billing System to Department of Transportation

  • Import Vehicle Owner Information

Department of the Interior

Department of the Interior

  • Notice/Invoices flagged with invalid addresses are sent to the Department of the Interior to update the VOI (Vehicle Owner Information)

  • After receiving updated VOI, the process will proceed based on rules set by the system

Private Investigators Office

Private Investigators Office

  • Update the VOI (Vehicle Owner Information)

  • Create administrative & field reports

  • Financial management

Department of Justice

Department of Justice

Legal claim file
System for the Private Investigators Office

  • Update the VOI (Vehicle Owner Information)

  • Create administrative & field reports

  • Financial management

Billing & Payments

Billing & Payments

  • Pay by internet website

  • Bank payments (payment by invoice)

  • IVR (Telephony System, IVR)

  • Cashier desk

CEA (Collection Enforcement Authority)

CEA (Collection Enforcement Authority)

  • Preparing a portfolio with all required documentation for transfer to the CEA

  • Monitor the court process

  • Import court rulings

  • Provide administrative & financial reports


Police Smart Vehicle

Advance vehicle system

Keeper is a sophisticated, automatic traffic enforcement management and security system. It detects traffic and parking violations automatically, and verifies the vehicle identity in real time. It can even issue tickets in real time.



Imagine a scenario where time is of the essence and there is an urgent need to locate a specific vehicle with a known license plate. Now, picture a vast network of Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) cameras, both stationary, attached to utility poles, and mobile, installed on police and security vehicles. These cameras continuously monitor parking and traffic violations. However, in this emergency, the entire network can be instantly informed of the license plate of the targeted vehicle. Within seconds, the cameras will efficiently scan and report all the locations where the vehicle has been detected. This is just one of the several remarkable services that Keeper has to offer.


Keeper is a sophisticated, automatic traffic enforcement management and security system. It detects traffic and parking violations automatically and verifies the vehicle identity in real time. It can even issue tickets in real time.

Keeper automatically:

  • Identifies sought, stolen, suspected, or lost vehicles

  • Monitors traffic to and from designated locations

  • Enforces traffic laws and municipal bylaws

  • Enforces parking regulations

  • Detects and documents moving violations

  • Documents any event, with all data required by evidentiary laws

Keeper – keeps an eye on vehicles while you are looking the other way


  • Vehicle identification and location in emergency situations

  • Traffic monitoring for security purposes

  • Traffic monitoring for moving violations (red light, speeding, etc.)

  • Parking enforcement in critical areas (stationary system)

  • Parking enforcement anywhere, from vehicle-mounted system

  • Municipal bylaws enforcement

  • Documentation compliant with evidentiary laws

  • Recovery of stolen and lost vehicles



  • Complete flexibility of configuration, in accordance with local state and municipal laws, regulations, and enforcement requirements

  • Flexible interface to any client system, including databases of vehicles, drivers, past citations, wanted vehicles, etc.

  • Real-time database updates and automatic synchronization of all end user stations across the entire system

  • Full compliance with criminal procedure codes

  • Meticulous data validation and data integrity procedures at each step of the operation

  • Reports, statistics, data analysis



  • Secure login
  • Unlimited multiple users             
  • Admin / Normal user levels
  • Multiple sites across multiple locations
  • 4/8 + 2 LPR cameras (Vehicle-mounted mobile configuration) – 4/8 + 2 LPR (per vehicle)
  • Client configuration


Real-time offense capture
Offense data auto sync
Offense pictures  auto sync
Offense video
Live monitoring
Secure event storage (central DB)
Online event / Offense retrial (image + data)
Print of event / Offense
Archive old events
Encrypted data



Useful Standard Report Set

Standard Search Functionality

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

Event Export

Mobile keeper security


Vehicle Configurations

  • 2 ALPR (automatic license plate recognition) mobile cameras

  • Rugged tablet (Wi-Fi/GPRS/LTE)

  • Mobilekeeper software

- Automatically identifies wanted, stolen, suspected, or lost vehicles (blacklist)
- Provides Alarm & details on any vehicle in real time as defined by the parameters.
- Documents event details with time and location information as well as photos and video


How it works

Mobilekeeper integrates several technologies to provide effective security service:

  • ALPR cameras that automatically read vehicle license plates and compare them with data on black lists and white lists, in a real time.

  •  A GPS mapping system to identify each location

  • Retrieval of relevant data about any vehicle

  • Stills and video cameras to document events

  • Real-time alerts

  • In vehicle-mounted installations

  • Real-time provision of relevant information about the vehicle in question

  • Queries reports by license plate or any other key point of identification

  • Monitoring of numerous sensitive areas simultaneously

  • Automatic operation with optional manual queries, confirmation, and override

  • Increased civilian security and protection


In-vehicle features

  • Vehicle identification and location in emergency situations

  • Traffic monitoring for security purposes

  • Recovery of blacklisted vehicles (real time processing: up to 80 fps)

  • Automatic update of black lists and white lists from the server by Wi-Fi/GPRS/LTE

  • Secured and encoded data

  • Car details & alerts

Keeper – keeps an eye on vehicles while you are looking the other way

Back office features

  • Black list and white list management

  • Real-time database update and automatic synchronization of all patrol cars across the entire system and the command center

  • Optionally (parameter) synchronization can be performed at the end of the work day while the vehicle/Tablet is stationed and connects to the back office via Wi-Fi or LAN

  • Reports, statistics, data analysis

  • Secured and encoded data

  • Remote access to vehicle cameras for maintenance and updates (3G/4G)

  • Equipment management

  • Automatic communication test

  • Patrol car deployment (Map view)

  • Hardware details

  • Patrol location & history


SmartCTY Traffic

Keeper WEB

A Web Office component manages police and parking inspectors, safety cameras, GPS tracking and mapping, and real-time communication and instruction.

Imagine an emergency situation in which it is vital to reach a given car immediately. Now imagine there’s a network of ALPR cameras, both stationary (on utility poles) and mobile (mounted on police and security vehicles) monitoring vehicles regularly.

And when the system identifies a blacklisted vehicle, it automatically notifies the relevant patrol car and the command center. This is just one of the many services that Mobilekeeper provides.

Real-Time Control

This system was developed with the intention to improve the municipal control system by computerizing the procedures.

  • Alerts  The advanced warning system allows for real-time inspection and control.

  • Synchronization Real-time  Full automatic real-time synchronization with portable kits.

  • Full control & Monitoring  Receiving events from the municipal information center, the inspector in the field and from individual citizens.


The Keeperweb is accessible via web interface and can be managed and configured by authenticated user within the network.

  • Flexible and user-friendly management system

  • Management reports

  • Interface and process event from all “Traffic sensor” like ANPR cameras and mobile cameras.

  • Events details view

  • Black list management and sync (database, ASCII, XML, CSV)

  • GPS tracking and mapping – Vehical’s location on map

  • Equipment management

  • Special alarms and alerts (message ,email)

Events encrypted & transmitted to the traffic monitoring subsystem by wireless transfer in real-time.

Events details

  • License plate

  • Vehicle color , manufacturer ,Type

  • Location Street ,GPS (Latitude and Longitude)

  • Note (from table)

  • Free note

  • Event picture’s

  • User stamp

  • Time stamp

  • Hardware ID




Offers parking lot operators a broad spectrum of new possibilities and functionality to optimize revenues by reducing operating costs and improving customer satisfaction

  • Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

  • Gates and barrier

  • Parking Tickets and Ticketing Solutions

  • Automated Payment Machines

  • Reports and statistics

  • Management and control


We offer an innovative, technological solution suitable for any car parking management

LPR Cameras

LPR Cameras

Management System

Management System

Entry/ Exit Terminal

Entry/ Exit Terminal

Bollards & Arm barriers

Bollards & Arm barriers

Automatic  Terminal

Automatic Terminal

Our comprehensive package includes among other things solutions for parking and traffic enforcement, permit management, parking access control, revenue control and special event parking that can act as one unified parking management system for all aspects of your parking operation